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Directly from Sofia, Bulgaria, People of Maha is an all-female 3-piece indie rock band that infuses their music with the vibrant influences of both Bulgaria and Brazil. Formed in 2018, this dynamic trio consists of Alex Gesheva on drums, Bia Carvalho on vocals, and Mila Ninova on guitar. United by their shared passion for energetic and captivating music, these talented women met at their local music school and bonded over their mutual love for artists like Florence + The Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Black Pumas, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

People of Maha's unique brand of entertainment is a fusion of funky beats, melodic guitars, classical elements, and intense vocals. Their music takes listeners on a compelling journey, engaging them with incredible stage presence and an undeniable groove. Their most recent EP, "Lost Heaven," is a testament to their artistic depth and emotional range. In this collection of five highly captivating tracks, People of Maha fearlessly delve into their most intimate, deeper, and darker thoughts, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. Available on all streaming platforms, "Lost Heaven" promises a new and immersive musical experience for all who encounter it.


"People of Maha are a super new addition to our increasingly colorful rock scene."
"They had a real pull and didn't just interact with their audience, they played and created new music with them."

Yana Peeva, TeenStation

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Latest Single - Heaven

Lost Heaven - 2022

Blue to Gold - 2021

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No events at the moment
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