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About us

People of Maha is an electrifying all-female indie rock band hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, and blending Bulgarian and Brazilian influences into their distinctive sound. Founded in 2018, the band was formed by Alex on drums, Bia on vocals, and Mila on guitar. Together, they craft a unique brand of entertainment that seamlessly fuses funky beats, dynamic guitars, classical elements, and powerful vocals, all accompanied by their incredible stage presence and engaging performances that will leave you immersed in a new and unforgettable musical experience.

Renowned as Bulgaria's best three-woman show, People of Maha has solidified their position as the country's top all-female indie rock band. Their debut album, "Blue to Gold," released in 2021, showcased their versatility and musical prowess. Building on their success, they embarked on their first tour, performing in over 15 cities across Bulgaria and making a memorable appearance at Live at Heart 2022 in Orebro, Sweden. Recently, People of Maha unveiled their latest EP, "Lost Heaven," which features the singles "Raining Down," "Can't Control Myself," and "Heaven." 

"And frankly, the world would be happy to hear People of Maha. At least if they like light, fun and energetic rock"
"(...) from boring relationships to deep emotional traumas, Blue to Gold describes in an artistically beautiful way the catharsis of each one of us."

Alexander Petrov, WebCafe

Desi Dimitrova,

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